Young American and Public Libraries – Pew Report

One of the sources that I recommend to follow up for information about technology and teens (and sometimes libraries) is the Pew Internet Project. A couple of days ago this institute of the larger fact tank published a new report on youth and library use. The summary of findings is informative but as usual, I recommend to look closely at their methodology and population surveyed because it can indicate gaps and assumption of the survey. If you are interested in the applicability and use of these report for librarians, read the introduction for Youth information-seeking behavior II: context, theories, models, and issues by Dr. Anthony Bernier (specifically page xx).

One thought on “Young American and Public Libraries – Pew Report

  1. Ongoing and rapid changes in technology, resources, services, and community perspectives may change the results of this type of study. This report, however, is valuable because it is a ‘snapshot’ of library use and perceptions. Researchers can think fluidly rather than conclusively. (A. Quinn of QUINNLOOK)


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