Kat Kan, VOYA, and GNs

Kat Kan is one of my favourite GNs reviewer and here she is interviewed for School Library Journal, one of the professional journals I encouraged you to consult as a student and future librarian.


One thought on “Kat Kan, VOYA, and GNs

  1. In Alverson’s article, Kat Kan shares a conversation with a parent who wanted Kan to “forbid” her child to have access to comics in the library. One point Kan makes is that if the reader is forbidden to read them, “he may end up hating to read.” Here’s a related situation, with an additional caveat: When my son was a middle-schooler with a voracious reading appetite for Stephen King titles, my son’s reading teacher advised that forbidding a book is a surefire way to encourage a child to read the book secretly. This situation, then, denies students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to discuss certain books, to share ideas, to ask each other questions, and to be familiar with ideas that are part of each other’s thinking and decision-making.


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