Your selection of resources S2016

Allison recommends Common Sense Media: “The site breaks down educational merit, violence & scariness, sexy stuff, language and positive messages with simple a 5 star rating system.   Particularly useful are the discussion topics in the “Families can talk about…” section.”

Caitlin recommends Epic Reads: “I find it’s best to find YA literature through forums that offer a young adult interface, style, language, colors, etc. It allows you to browse books by new releases or what’s coming soon, your favorite authors, or do a specific search. And, to make the experience more complete they offer a ‘Fun’ tab that includes giveaways, quizzes and polls.”

Erin recommends School Library Journal, Kirkus , and Voya because they “are several sources that I typically use while at work for collection development purposes.”

Christina recommends Gay YA: It features book reviews and blog posts by authors and teens on topics surrounding LGBT characters in YA fiction. Reviews (especially from teen authors) tend to be longer and more informal than those found in a journal, but provide insight into why teens are choosing these particular books over other YA LGBT materials. Additionally, Gay YA curates masterlists of YA fiction for different LGBT identities.

Genee recommends some local libraries’ resources: NYPL staff picks, Brooklyn’s What to Read, Queen’s staff picks, and Brooklyn’s Bookmatch service. Her reason is more than sound: “I typically stick to using my home library’s librarian recommendation/staff picks web page, because who would know what to recommend better than the experts.”

Gloria recommends Novelist because “I consider myself such an avid reader, I am often browsing the possibilities of this resource. So much to read, so little time.”

Jess, Marlene and Taylor recommended Goodreads YA because “Goodreads overall is a great tool when selecting YA materials and books in general for collection development and readers’ advisory. It contains enough content to satisfy both an information specialist performing readers’ advisory and the casual reader.” Goodreads also is “great resource because it is teen centered and very popular. Lots of people sign on everyday to update their reading challenges or to start an online discussion. I use this resource to read reviews and read profiles.”

Jen send you to  All Our Worlds: Diverse Fantastic Fiction because “the site hosts a searchable database of sci-fi and fantasy books that in one way or another diverge from the white, straight, Western standard of SFF. The database allows users to search by tag (gender, orientation, race, setting, etc.), with loads of subtags for race/setting and disability if you’re looking for something specific. Results can also be limited by audience and it also offers a few curated lists.”

Kara points to YALSA booklists because “they’re organized by year (and are therefore current), the book descriptions are clear and easy to use for readers’ advisory, and they give me a lot of options really quickly. they are a great way for someone (me) who used to be very immersed in teen lit trends but has fallen off the YA bandwagon in the past few years to get reacquainted and excited about the popular stuff that’s out there now.”

Natasha will stay  Forever Young Adult since it “allows you to keep up with teen trends in young adult literature, media & pop-culture. This refreshing and creative blog is a one-stop-resource equipped with up-to-date catchy categories.” She highlights the main resources for librarians and teens alike!

Sandy goes with a classic, the Book Smugglers because “they consistently update their blog and do round-ups of what’s going on in the publishing world. I like that they balance between reviewing upcoming titles and older titles that have been forgotten as the publishers crank out newer, shinier titles. Another thing that I really admire about Anna and Thea? They never sugarcoat their reviews”

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