Back and with WP knowledge

First post for 777 is inspired by the experience of the 739 class. You are seeing the 5 basic skills that will make your first steps easier. Also, the links that I share take you to some of my favourite sites for WP help:

  1. How to follow others: If the blog is also WordPress (WP) and you are log in your account, a Follow button should appear in the low right corner of your screen. If you want to follow a non WP, you can use different option, among them include the blog in the Reader that WP offers. This link provides more in-depth information and step by step process.
  2. Difference between visual and html editor: Basically, the visual editor looks like a text processor and allows to work without knowing html code. If you end up being a serious blogger you will probably download WP to your computer and work with html. You might want to take some of the advance tech classes
  3. How to schedule a post: Sometimes it might be convenient to write a post but not publish it right away. The link for readers and the link for viewers.
  4. Differences between categories and tags: Categories can be hierarchical, tend to be less in number than tags and help you organize big chunks of posts. For tags, sky is the limit and there is no structure at all…are you remembering 703? More information here.
  5. Create pages: Pages tend to be more stable and they might be helpful to separate different posts or types of information. Be aware that some themes are a bit obscure about how to create pages, so do not lose your patience fast! For more information here you have a step by step explanation, both with video and text.

Also, this is a YALSA video about twitter use for those of you who are not Twitter users. It is from 2012 so some things have changes a bit, but it is pretty clear about basic


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