Welcome 737 S2017 students!

This blog in combination with the classroom and the Twitter account conform the spaces where your learning for this class will happen. More concretely, here you will soon be able to access your classmates blogs, as well as resources and thoughts before and after class.

As you are in the process of creating or adapting your blog, I am in the process of capturing your blogs and adding resources that are more specific to 737 instead of 777 ad 739. So, visit it frequently and be patient while it grows.

For the first class, you had to choose and comment on a video that informs and expands your overall understanding of what a child is or what childhood is. Those videos needs to show children in a different moment of history or a different country. My examples were the following:

First video: A commentary from the History channel on the end of child labour and its connection to the beginning of considering the importance of children’s education to help them participate in a democratic society. It is also interesting to point that children were considered better labour because of their physicality and because it was more difficult for them to unionized.

Second video: A brief comparison about self-reliance in kids from Japan and Australia and how much this characteristic depends on how we see kids as a community and a society.

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