8 questions to explore children’s materials from a librarian POV.


questionsFollowing you can find the questions that I will share with the guest speakers. The guest speakers are mainly librarians that work on collection development and since the course is focused on materials, try to focus your question on that area of children’s librarianship. Following you can find the final 8 questions. Some of the questions we discussed in class have become follow up or example questions for a general one. Let me know if you have any concerns about them


  1. Please, walk us through an average day in your job, how would you explain your job to the average person? Other than the average day, how do you prefer spending your days in the library? Any favourite activities?
  2. How do you stay current on different media trends among babies, children and their families?
  3. How much does the curriculum or your relationship with local schools influence your selections? How do you try to integrate local authors or local organizations in your work?
  4. What is your best technique for effective reader’s advisory for early readers? For example, how do you get to the needs of your young patrons? How do you work with parents?
    1. How do you introduce new materials in the library so families are aware and interested in using it?
    2. Any advice on dealing with a parent who finds a book that you selected offensive or inappropriate? Or how do you justify purchasing materials that you know might create some controversy?
  5. Is there any professional resources that you would highlight for future youth-focused librarians? Did resources come up in the interviewing process? How much did you know going in? How much did you learn on the job?
  6. Could you discuss some current or future trends you see in libraries? For example, what are some pros and cons you find when selecting materials that promote digital materials/reading?
  7. Highlight an insight, an opportunity, or a role model/mentor that inspired or helped in your career
  8. Overall, what would you say is the biggest challenge in your job? How do you deal with it? And the main reward of your position? What is one piece of advice you would like to share with future librarians?





2 thoughts on “8 questions to explore children’s materials from a librarian POV.

  1. I was thinking about including a question that connects collection development to events or programs in the library. Such as:
    How do you use a library collection to influence programs or special events that you may conduct in the library?
    How do you introduce new materials that come into the library so people are aware and interested in the materials?


    • Thank you! Would you mind tweet the questions as a reply to my tweet? If you go back to my tweet, you will see that there are students who have already tweeted some questions, some connected to yours.


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