Read aloud resources at Rosenthal/CUNY

So, as I commented in class, I was quite surprised that all these different resources were still in the shelves of Rosenthal while all of you are polishing your read aloud and booktalk activities. The resources in the syllabus are just a starting point, so I was hoping you were using your reference skills to explore other resources.

Here you have the list of books I brought to class: some books come from Education and others from LIS, so beware of the different approaches to the task. Also, some authors might be usual aspects and there are some surprises embedded in the links. Some of your classmates have chosen blogs that complement this selection, especially if you are having a hard time choosing a book:

For those of you who might feel a bit more adventurous, check this out.


2 thoughts on “Read aloud resources at Rosenthal/CUNY

  1. I love Yogibrarian’s website! I had a coworker who was actually looking into doing yoga storytimes. Can I recommend another title to this list? I read ONCE UPON A CUENTO: BILINGUAL STORYTIMES IN ENGLISH & SPANISH by Jamie Campbell & Katie Scherrer and I found it very helpful. There’s even a section in the book on how non-Spanish speaking librarians can help to serve their Spanish-speaking populations. I think anyone who reads this will take something with them after they’ve finished reading it. Even if it’s just the ready-to-go storytime outlines!

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