Guest speaker – Renee McGrath: “Be ready to serve”

Today we are talking with Renee McGrath, Youth Services Manager for the Nassau Library System. She is also a GSLIS alumna, an active member of YALSA and other local and national library organizations; for example, she is part of the Editorial Advisory Board at YALS. She has also done writing and presentations about different topics related to youth and public libraries. As you will discover in the podcast, a topic she is invested in is service in libraries to citizens on the autism spectrum and she has written about it.
For her contact information and a list of other Youth Services Consultants in New York’s Public Library Systems, check this page.
During the interview, Renee mentioned some resources that I collect here so you can visit them:

And now the conversation, hope you enjoy it!

Week 4: Podcasts


Hoffman, Heinrich. Der Struwwelpeter, 1917.


Randolph Caldecott. Public domain. https//












Podcast 1: Picturebooks, basic definition and history highlights

Podcast 2: Picturebooks as objects


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